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 Country Folks Saddle Club
Established in 1983

Country Folks Saddle Club is a family orientated organization that strives to
provide low cost family fun for horse enthusiasts of all ages. We promote
and sponsor playdays, parades, and trail rides; always following our motto of
“Horsemanship, Sportsmanship, Citizenship, and Fellowship”

All of our playdays are held at the Georgetown Showbarn in San Gabriel  Park in Georgetown, Texas.  Playdays are held RAIN or SHINE.

Anyone with an interest and love of horses is welcome to participate with us
. You do not have to own a horse to be an active part of our organization we have a place for everyone.


Happy trails to you........ Until we meet again !!!       Happy trails to you....... Until we meet again !!!!      Happy trails to you.....Until we meet again!!!   Happy trails to you.....Until we meet again!!!

Country Folks Saddle Club
After you play with us on Saturday we recommend you visit a Cowboy Church on Sunday
Maxdale Cowboy Church
Central Texas Cowboy Church
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